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The Future of Real Estate Brokerage

July 23, 2018

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CollabNet and Compass produced “The Future of Real Estate Brokerage” featuring an intimate fireside chat between Paul Massey, Jr. and Robert Reffkin. Massey, who recently launched B6 Real Estate Advisors, a cutting-edge sales and capital advisory commercial brokerage firm, sat down in conversation with Robert Reffkin, CEO of Compass, a technology-driven real estate brokerage that now operates in 30 offices across 10 regions, to discuss the future of real estate brokerage. The event was held at 100 E 53rd Street., a new luxury condominium in New York City by Owner/Developers RFR and Vanke and designed by Foster + Partners.


For their valuable support, we would like to thank our sponsors HSBC Bank USACantor Fitzgerald, EisnerAmperCompass, Real Estate Weekly and Ellipsis.

Media Coverage

Featured Speakers

Reffkin in the News


Reffkin on Video

Reffkin Collection: Here are recent presentations and interviews of Robert Reffkin with his unique and transformative perspective. Mr. Reffkin shares thoughtful insights on the Future of the Real Estate and Brokerage Industry, Compass Business Strategy and Organization Entrepreneurial Approaches to Build a Market Leading Company (Link to Playlist).

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Massey in the News

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Massey on Video

CollabNet Moment: Paul Massey - Real Estate Dealmaker, Strategist and Community Visionary- offers a truly unique and experienced perspective. Mr. Massey concisely shares thoughtful insights on Essentialism, Trust and Emotion in Business.

The Sport of Real Estate: Is there a Sports connection to Real Estate? Paul Massey, President of Investment Sales at Cushman & Wakefield, offers thoughtful insights into the importance of an athletic mindset.

Event Booklet

Presenter Background and Contact Information

As follow-up to the event, here is background and contact information on the event presenters.

Robert Reffkin of Compass

Paul Massey of B6 Real Estate Advisors

Julia Hoagland of Compass

Brian Franke of HSBC

Harry Dublinsky of EisnerAmper

For more information, please contact:

Mark Pearlman, Co-Founder, CollabNet

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